We are open!! Covid-19 lesson rules


SMS Equestrian – covid-19


Many of you have lessons booked for the coming weeks and there are just a few things I would like to remind you of:

. *There remains no access to the yard-please use the rider entrance gate by the arena and only enter at your lesson time and go straight to the archway by the arena or into the arena if your horse is ready as before; this is something we will continue for the foreseeable future as keeping yard access to a minimum is proving valuable to the horses as well as keeping insurance down so please respect this at all times.

*When coming for a club please wait under the archway by the arena until your instructor greats you.

*Lessons remain at 30 or 45 minutes unless you are a joining a club where timings vary - the lesson time includes mounting, dismounting and any discussion so please be prepared to depart after dismounting as staff have limited time to turn the horses around for the next lesson

*2021 lesson prices are as follows


45 minutes - £33

30 min - £22

Shared with 2 or more

45min - £22pp

30 min - £17 pp

Pony club £25

Challenge award £30

Half day pony fun £33

All day pony fun £55

Chick's ride and care £20

Chick's 20min taster £12.50

*Payment may be made by bacs prior to the lesson to Mrs S Mitchell-Sheppard 54-41-19 29527600 or cash can be used on the day.

*Please respect social distancing and hygiene at all times.

* Many of you have booked regular slots which I have scheduled for 10 weeks or so – this is preferable as it reduces booking in time and the risk of loosing your regular slot, if you are unable to attend one of those sessions please ensure we have 48hours notice to avoid being charged and we will obviously inform you if later on down the line any of these sessions do not work for us.

*Due to the high volume of people wanting to ride at peak times you will inevitably be sharing your lessons with people you do not know, please be patient during this time as we try to match people together, we may need to make a few changes as we go.

We cannot wait to see you all back

Enjoy your lessons x