Gymkhana Explanations

Christmas Show – Gymkhana races


As stated in the schedule the Gymkhana is going to be run in teams – ponies may go a maximum of twice in each race (this could be by 2 separate riders or in the case of only 2 individuals in a team – the ponies may go twice with the same rider).

If you intend to enter the gymkhana but do not have a team or a partner please do not be put off – we will find one for you on the day!

We are encouraging children to enter whether they are on the lead rein or competent teenagers and it is compulsory for adults to enter!!

**In the case of 2 or 3 people in a team against a team of 4, one or two members will elect themselves to run twice – it is encouraged that these go first and last in the race**

**In the case of excessive entries, races may be run in heats so be prepared to go more than once**

So what happens in each race…….

Class 6 – The Sprout and Spoon Race

Every team member will individually ride with a spoon and a sprout as fast as they can to the end of their lane and back. If a sprout is dropped on route, you must dismount, collect the sprout and remount before continuing. (If you are being led, your leader may pass your sprout to you).

Class 7 – The Stocking Filler Race

Every team member will individually ride to the end of their lane as fast as they can where they will collect a wrapped gift (whilst remaining on board their horse), this must then be taken back to the start where the rider will dismount and place the gift into a stocking before the next rider may start. If a gift is dropped throughout, the rider must dismount, collect the gift and remount. (Same as above for led riders).

Class 8 – The Decoration of the Tree Race

Each team member will individually ride up and whilst remaining mounted, collect a tree decoration from somewhere along their lane; there will be four decorations – each must be collected and taken back to the start before each individual then rides down to the tree at the end, dismounts and decorates the tree before leading their horse back.



Class 9 – The Dressing of Santa Race

*One team member must nominate themselves to be Santa before this race begins.*

Each remaining rider will individually ride up to the nominated Santa with a designated piece of clothing – once Santa is fully dressed a member of the team must dress Santa’s horse and on foot, take Santa the horse, help Santa mount and lead Santa back as quickly as possible.
(**Choose the horse carefully**)

Class 10 – The Three Wise Men Race

Three individuals from the team will ride up the end of their lane, they will dismount and rummage for Gold, Frankincense or Myrrh, once one has been found they will place this into a accompanying basket, re mount and ride back – the final rider will then ride up, collect the basket and bring it back (mounted or dismounted at the riders discretion).

Class 11 – The Snowman’s Nose Bobbing Race

All team members will individually ride up, bob out a carrot from the bucket of water before remounting and riding back.
(The ponies may then have the Carrots J)
 (Temperature dependent – this may be bobbing in flower instead in extreme conditions J )


The winners will simply be the first team to get all their riders back with an extra prize available for the best style throughout all races.